Matthew Hagerty

FPGA, VHDL, VDP, 9918A, electronics, PCB

F18A and F18A-MK2 Video Display Processors

The F18A and F18A-MK2 are FPGA implementations of the Texas Instruments TMS-9918A VDP family.

Latest firmware: V1.9
Firmware download:
Register Use Spreadsheet: f18a_register_use.ods
TMS-9918A datasheet: TMS9918A.pdf
TI-VDP Programmer’s Guide: TI-VDP-Programmers_Guide.pdf

Forum and Community

The main forum and community for the F18A is on the AtariAge TI-99/4A sub-forum:

AtariAge is a great forum with a friendly and active community, and representation for many retro-computer and retro-game systems.

March 29, 2020

MK2 Rev-K design has been sent to the PCB house.