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TI-99/4A BASIC and Extended BASIC Translator

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TidBit was created to help write TI-99/4A BASIC and Extended BASIC programs. TidBit is a pre-processor that lets you write your code in a more natural way (no line numbers, use indentation and comments, use labels, etc.) and then generates a normal BASIC/XB programs that can be run on a TI-99/4A computer. Some of the main features are:

  • Line numbers are not necessary and will be assigned.
  • Labels can consist of A-Z, a-z, 0-9, _, -. They can be any length, but a maximum line length is 256 characters. Label “definitions” must start a line and end with a single colon. Labels can be referenced any place a line number can be used, currently: THEN, ELSE, [ON]GOTO, [ON]GOSUB, and ON ERROR.
  • Comments are any line that start with REM or // (C/C++ style single line comment notation). XB also has a “trailing comment” designated by a ! that causes the rest of the line to be ignored. The C-style // comments will be stripped from the code, but the REM and ! comments will be retained in the output.
  • Leading space is ignored so you can indent as much as you like.
  • Long lines can be split by ending a line with .. (double period). These lines will be joined into one long line and the XB limit of 140 characters will be checked.
  • Lines that end with the XB multi-statement operator ::, THEN, or ELSE, or where an ELSE statement is on the next line, will automatically join the next line.
  • A pseudo ENDIF statement can be used with IF-THEN-ELSE statements to help make code more readable.
  • The starting line number and line number increment can be specified.

Web-based translateor version coming soon.

Change Log

V3.0 – Updated on September 13, 2016